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At Beaver Bank Insulation and Building Materials we can help you make sure that the moisture stays out and the energy savings stay in your pocket. From new builds, home renovations, attic and basement insulation, our team of experts and installers can help you with all your insulation needs. 

The right insulation system can save you money, reduce the amount of energy you use, and make your home more comfortable. We offer insulation for every budget and project and ensure you are receiving professional products and service. For your convenience we have also provided a list of our trusted suppliers below. 

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Types of insulation we carry

Rigid Foam


With R-values ranging from R-4 to R 5.5, this product comes in either expanded polystyrene (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (XPS). Installation involves securing the sheets to the surface and sealing all joints.

Batt Insulation

Batt Insulation

This is the most common insulation material for modern homes. It offers an R-value from R8 to R50 and is very effective in minimizing heat transfer. Batt Insulation is used for unfinished walls, foundations, joists, walls and ceilings.

Blown In/Spray Foam


Blown-in cellulose is ideal for new home construction and renovations. It can be used in existing walls, attic floors, and space-restricted areas with obstacles. Cellulose is an ideal product to upgrade both attics and walls in older homes with minimal renovation to existing structures.

Expanding Foam

Expanding Flex Foam

This multi-use product is used for sealing around windows and doors to stop drafts. The foam we use cures soft to fill gaps and cracks. It will not break away from contact surfaces, therefore preventing loss of heated or cooled air. It can also prevent moisture and dust build-up and insects from entering your home.

Blanket Cellulose



A stone wool insulation product is used for interior wall partitions of residential wood and steel construction where superior fire resistance and acoustical performance is required. Roxul is ideal for filling perimeter gaps between concrete floor slabs and exterior wall systems.

Recycled paper/ Cellulose

Recycled Paper/Cellulose

This insulation product for "green" builders helps to increase energy efficiency, is eco-friendly and is our insulation of choice. It is produced locally in Debert, Nova Scotia, allowing us to buy local. It is made from recycled cardboard, paper and similar materials that come in loose form. In addition to having sound dampening qualities, cellulose insulation also contains natural properties that deter insects and vermin. Some studies have shown cellulose to be excellent for minimizing fire damage because it contains almost no oxygen.